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For over 40 years, QSC has earned a legendary reputation for providing the best-built, most reliable products available and the highest level of service and support in the industry. We’re the #1 best-selling sound reinforcement brand in U.S. Retail. Why? It’s all because of YOU, our valued customers and users. Each of you has reasons why you chose QSC products for the first time. Many of you choose QSC time and time again. Some of you are, dare we say it… OBSESSED with QSC. How do we know? You tell us.

Many QSC products have been in continuous use for 20 years or more. We have heard of QSC products performing to perfection under extremely harsh environmental conditions. We’ve been told of amplifiers and loudspeakers surviving ridiculous calamities only to continue to function flawlessly.  Maybe you’ve received amazing service or support. Whatever the case, no two stories are exactly alike, but they all share one common theme: Our customers are loyal and they are OBSESSED with QSC.

Now we want to hear your QSC story. Tell us in your own words why you’re obsessed about QSC and you could win $5000 in QSC products. Let the games begin…


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