Congratulations to Obsessed Winner Brandon Fernandez!


Congratulations to Brandon Fernandez of Fowlerville, Michigan, winner of the QSC Obsessed Contest! Brandon is the proud owner of a $5000 gear credit from QSC, to be spent at the dealer of his choice. Thank you to everyone for your participation in this event; this was an incredibly difficult contest to judge. There were so many great stories and much deliberation over the winner. In the end we chose the entry that we felt best embodied the QSC brand, and best articulated the QSC Obsession. You can view the winning submission below, and all of the other great submissions at http://www.passionforaudio.com/obsessed/view-entries/. And again, thank you to everyone for your tremendous support. Didn't win this time? Keep your ear to the street: you never know what we'll have up our sleeve next...




“Well to say why I am obsessed with QSC I better start at the beginning. I am in a 7 member band as the sound engineer and as the equipment tech. We play everywhere across our state and when it comes down to it I need something I'm sure will work day after day! This is the only brand I trust and know will provide that. After owning QSC amps for a number of years I started purchasing every nonworking QSC amp I could get my hands on. These amps didn't fail because they were bad quality, as a matter of fact, they are the best quality amps in my opinion you can get. These amps were badly abused, full of dust, and pushed way beyond what they were designed for. I've already repaired countless QSC amps and they are back in service and I expect the people will get another 20 years out of them! From the very first amp I opened and repaired I was HOOKED! It was a QSC Series One 1400. I actually still have it and use it for band rehearsals once a week. It's amazing; you can't even get 5 years out of a power amp built by some company’s standards today. QSC hasn't compromised. Last year we were playing at a fourth of July concert and sitting in their amp rack was QSC's rival. Well they hooked a CE2000 up to the monitors, in 95 degree weather. I walked over to the sound rental company and said, "Do you have a QSC amp you can use instead. This one is probably going to give out mid set." They said I'm crazy and this amp would be perfect for the job. Well, it failed mid gig and when it's running your monitors that’s unacceptable. I walked over to the sound people and said, "See, if you bought QSC this would have never happened!" and walked away. I believe they were humbled, QSC Style. We probably won't be invited back anytime soon (LOL). As a rule of thumb, I keep the QSC amps and all of the other brands get sold. I like all the same airflow and only one brand! QSC period. I believe in companies who design their own products and I DO NOT reward other companies for taking them. I won't give a company my business for taking someone’s design, calling it theirs, and selling it a lot cheaper than the one who came up with it. Where is the honesty in that? It just comes down to this; QSC has got the weight, power, price, and performance that every system requires. My personal belief, if you don't have QSC in your rack, you have never heard what true amplified sound is supposed to sound like. Thank you QSC for still holding true to what your original mission was: Quality, Service, Commitment, Integrity, Team Work, and Have fun! I can honestly say your company has won me by its morals, quality, and everything else you have to offer. Am I obsessed with QSC? Heck yes!”

Brandon Fernandez

Fowlerville, Michigan


We have two additional awards to give out, one for "Funniest Submission" and one for "Most Creative Submission". Both winners will receive a $250 credit to spend in the QSC swag store.

Receiving the award for "Funniest Submission" is David Cutler with his video, "My Obsession with QSC". Congratulations, David.

I have been a professional Mobile DJ since 1999.  When I first started out, I bought what I could afford.  At that time, I was just looking at watts, & price. I had no idea that buying such a quality product, could make such a difference.  In 2004, I was starting to get a lot of high school events, and needed a bigger amp...  That is when I welcomed my first RMX 2450 into the family.  I purchased another 2450 not too long after that.  As my bussiness developed, & needs changed, I sold my big passive system, & purchased my HPR 122i's.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!!  When the K series came out, I purchased a pair of K-8's, & the amazing KW181.  To this day, I have nothing but respect for the QSC product!  When I use my QSC products, I never worry about them failing.  That is a very big deal to me!  Thakn you for making such an amazing, quality product that I have trused with hundresds of events over the last 9 years.  Please enjoy my video named: "My obsession with QSC".

Receiving the award for "Most Creative Submission" is Carl Samuelson with "The QSC Quest". Congratulations, Carl.

This document was found in the chilled, deceased, clenched hand of legendary sound man Ricky "Louda...Brighta" Delvecchio on April 5th, 2013 after an issue plagued "Frehley's Comet" cover band show at a club outside of Kansas City. It's believed to be the one remaining copy of a document shared between a brotherhood of sound men around the world known only as "The Order of Broke, Tired, Overworked Dudes...and Oh Yeah, My Old Lady Keeps Using My Razor on Her Legs...$%^&@!"

Ricky was my friend from Faith Healing College. His sister's boyfriend's boss' mom gave it to me at the Circle K two weeks after his death, and I VOWED THEN TO COMPLETE HIS QUEST!!! I NEED THIS QSC!!! RICKY NEEDS QSC TO HONOR HIM!!!